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Early Career

I love being a clinical social worker and I have been fortunate to witness some amazing healing journeys. I spent the first part of my counseling career working in hospital care in outpatient/inpatient behavioral health hospital settings, school settings and emergency rooms.

In 2014, I was hired to work as a clinician for the Postpartum Stress Center under the direction of Karen Kleiman where I was emersed in training and individual and group clinical work in Perinatal Mental Health. I earned an advanced certificate in Perinatal Mental Health under Kleiman's direction.  

When the New Jersey Office closed, I was lucky to be introduced to another Postpartum Stress Center Alum, Michelle Richardson, who hired me to be a part of a brand new group practice, Mindful Soul Center for Wellbeing where I was able to deepen my work with the maternal mental health population, women's trauma as well as lead the maternal health team there.  Both of these experiences are near and dear to my heart and I have tremendous gratitude and respect for the opportunities they gave me. 

Clinical Approach 

I am EMDR certified and I use a combination of EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and borrow from Polyvagal Theory and mindful self compassion techniques to engage clients in seeing their experiences through a trauma lens. I assist the client to depathologize symptoms, unburden and integrate maladaptive fragmented beliefs about self so that they can better understand and accept themselves and reduce suffering. Ultimately, it is the therapeutic relationship that accelerates healing and allows better relationship to self and others.

In addition to my clinical work, I also perform public speaking events, lead trainings/clinical rounds and conduct clinical supervision for students who aspire to specialize in the field as well as obtain generalized advanced clinical licensure.  


My work can be seen in NJ Family Magazine and my work will be featured in the upcoming documentary, "Inconceivable"

Current Role 

Currently, family life has led me back to my home state of Illinois where I work in private practice and continue to focus on my specialty working with women and mothers who experience the trauma of perinatal depression and anxiety as well as women in general who suffer from trauma symptoms related to adverse childhood experiences. Currently, I reside with my husband and adopted daughter in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

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